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How to Protect Your Bank Account: Now that it's possible to call Google's customer service line, SBI has issued a warning to its clients

How to Protect Your Bank Account: Many bank clients nowadays utilise Google to look up customer service numbers. However, State Bank of India has issued a caution to all of its customers, advising them not to dial that number by searching for SBI customer service number on Google. Because many similar examples have come to light in which customers have been defrauded after dialling a customer service number after conducting a Google search. Please explain how clients may protect their accounts from cyber-attacks.

Perhaps Google's customer service line is now quite busy

State Bank of India has been aware of Google's customer service number for your consumers. This information is provided to consumers by the bank under the SBI through any customer service number provided by the client. All clients have received this information through Google, SMS, and emails. If SBI adds it to all clients, they must take a customer support centre number, which they may get on the app's and bank's official websites. SBI has recommended clients to grow with their bank in order to reduce cyber crime. Using a search engine to get the number of customer support centres could be considered cheating.

How can you keep your bank account safe?

Indian customers have been given this information by the State Bank to protect their bank account customers. Why should a person claiming to be associated with your bank on the phone give away your bank account information even if he is not a banker? Customers' OTPs, ATM PIN numbers, and CCV numbers should never be shared with others. The bank employee had also asked for any information from the client.

It is also a database of data that is not reflective of the number of mobile phone numbers, which range from 1800 to 1888 and begin with 1844. Although there will be bogus lines run by cyber attackers who joined Google, you can acquire the customer service number from the Bank's official website.

Customers were notified by SBI

Customers of State Bank of India have reported numerous instances of incorrect numbers being returned by Google. Many clients who have been the victims of fraud have also used Google to obtain their numbers. Is furnished with a large number of fraudulent Google internet rank numbers created by criminals. If the amount in his bank account used to contact consumers on a phone number is stolen by a cyber criminal.

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