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How Can I Cancel My Application in Sarathi Parivahan?

Sarathi Parivahan Application Cancelled: You will find today's post to be very helpful, friends. because we frequently submit online applications to Sarathi Parivahan. But in this article, I'll show you how to withdraw your DL or LL application for a variety of reasons. You might have submitted an online driving licence or driving licence amendment application in Sarathi Parivan. You can withdraw your application and reapply online for Sarthi Parivan if there was an error or mistake for any reason.

Application for a Sarathi Parivahan Cancelled in Sarathi Parivahan | Hello there Have you recently completed an online or offline application for a driving or learning licence? However, have you unintentionally entered incorrect information in your application?

So, that does happen occasionally. When we attempt to apply online for any service relating to a driving or learning licence using an online portal, several things go wrong.

We occasionally enter the incorrect location or name. Very occasionally, we enter an incorrect date of birth or mobile number.

If someone ignores these stupid errors, Sarathi may reject their application.

And believe me, it happens a lot. Moreover, it is very annoying.

A very well-known website is Sarathi Pariwahan. DL (Driving License) and LL (Learning License) applications can be submitted using this website. You will be able to use an online Sarathi Parivahan website to apply for a driving licence or learning licence and make corrections to things like your name, address, or even your phone number.

How to Step By Step Cancel a Sarathi Parivahan Application

We can cancel an online application by following the instructions provided below.

* Step 1: To begin, go to Sarathi Parivahan's official website -

* Step 2: Next, choose your state.

* Step 3: A different menu will then show up at the top of your screen. The first other menu when clicked will reveal a submenu that looks like

* Step 4: From the menu to submenu that displays, choose Cancel Application.

* Step 5: Selecting Cancel. A new window will open when the application is run. Click the submit button after entering your application number and birthdate.

* Step 6: To cancel the application, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Your application was cancelled after successfully submitting the OTP, showing message.

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